Our Lodge Dar Itrane

  1. Located in hollow of the Aït Bougmez valley, a 4 hour drive by car from Marrakech, Dar Itrane Lodge is built in harmony with the local architecture.
    With a welcoming and warm living room and relaxing terraces from which the view is wonderful, Dar Itrane is the perfect place to discover the region, as well as local cultures and traditions…Meeting with local people will give you the opportunity to share in berber customs and traditions, in a simple way.
    Waiting to savor delicious Moroccan meals, you will have the opportunity to relax in the leisure room with local books, music and films.
    Of course, you will also relax in the traditional Moroccan hammam with natural products.
  • A dive in the heart of Berber culture, four hours from Marrakech by a road in good condition.
  • In the center, a library on this living culture, and all around, the unique site of the landscapes of the Atlas and its traditional villages.
  • A lodge built in earth, identical to the traditional habitat, favoring charm and comfort.
  • An eco-friendly lodge: water treatment and waste sorting.
  • At an altitude of 1800m, Dar Itrane has an ideal climate that makes it possible to stay almost all year long.
11th of March to 16th of May 2020 40€ 50€
Rest of the year (17st May 2020 to 11st of March 2020 35€ 45€
Transfers Marrakech - Dar Itrane
Privatised Taxi (From 1 to 5 persons Goings: 105€ - Round-trip: 210€
Car Rental (From 1 to 4 persons) 35€ per day
  1. Price per night and per person (including responsible tourism participation).


  • The full-board includes a picnic lunch. (Lunch on place: + 4€)
  • Extra for single occupancy : 12€ per night and per person
  • Child under 2 year-old, sharing the parents’ room : Free
  • 50% discount for children under 12 sharing their parents’ room



We propose one-day or half-day hikes that may be
done alone with a suitable map.
During these hikes you will have the opportunity to discover the architectural traditions of the Valley, understand locals’ lifestyle and see the most
wonderful landscapes in the valley and the surrounding mountains.


Dar Itrane is the starting point to climb M’Goun, which is the second highest Moroccan summit, located at 4071 meters.
The round trip from Dar Itrane Lodge may be
done in 4 or 5 days with a local guide (prices to be determined according to your program).


Discover in detail the surrounding valleys, such as the Aït Bouliby and Tessaout valleys, by car, either over one day or several days and with or without guides according to your desires.


Discover all the beauty secrets of Morocco, through visiting local workshops and exploring traditional beauty care methods, such as Hammam, in collaboration with the local women.


Discover in detail and get familiar with local culture thanks to our library located within Dar Itrane Lodge and in which you will find many books, films or musics about the life of local people in the Atlas. You can even learn the local language.


Partez à la découverte de la vallée heureuse avec vos enfants. Accompagnés d'une mule et de son muletier, vous vous baladez à votre rythme au fil des sentiers. Vous visitez le souk traditionnel de Tabent où partez à la recherche des traces de dinosaures de la vallée...
A Dar Itrane, vous disposez de nos chambres familiales spacieuses et profitez des jeux de sociétés à votre disposition.
Des souvenirs uniques...

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