Make The Most

We create our own structures in the places where the traveler goes and soak into the population daily life style.
We manage our hosting according to the 4 Origins pillars : Architecture, Culture, Environment and meeting.

Our Concept


With its quaint villages of interlocking homes and fortified granaries perched high,The valley of Ait Bougmez is an architectural treasure, which we wish to preserve.
Hence, the Kasbah of Dar Itrane. Fashioned after traditional patriarchal homes the “tighrems,”
Built by architects specialised in earthen construction and local artists it combines tradition, modernism and environment protection..


Origins’ eco-lodge at Dar Itrane “La Maison des Etolies” or The House of Stars above all offers a novel travel experience, a leisurely pace while participating in the preservation of the heritage of the Berber people.
In the Ait Bougmez Valley, the inhabitants have preserved many different berber mountain traditions : families organized around the patriarch system, a society of sharing, the Tamazight language, fortified Ighrem granaries, and agrarianism.
By staying at Dar Itrane, not only you participate in protecting this culture, but also in enhancing this lifestyle.


Located at the foot of the M’Goun range and its ten peaks that soar over 11,482.94 feet, the long isolated valley of Ait Bougmez is enchanting.
The green fields at the heart of the valley contrast sharply with the ochre of the arid mountains and the highest peaks remain snow covered for most of the year.
The valley has preserved its earthen architecture, Kasbahs, fortified granaries and self-sufficient agrarian community.
The High Atlas Berbers have maintained here their customs and traditions. Dar Irtane wishes to help them in perpetuating this valuable culture where hospitality, a wide smile, curiosity… are natural.


Dar Itrane, at the heart of the Imelghas village is ideally located to interact with the local people – the Berbers of the High Atlas, who are well known for their warmth and hospitality.
By strolling along and spending evenings in the village, you will share precious moments with the inhabitants, particularly during the tea ceremony.
It is important to keep in mind that Dar Itrane aims at encouraging relations between people of different cultures.





Origins is registered in an organization where the approach focus on travels respecting equals principle.
•Developing quality for the travelers and the local workers and the economy.
•Respectable wages for our workers (make sure they have everything they need).
•Ameliorate the local working conditions.
•Inform and sensitize the travelers.
•Create activities and detailed information on the patrimony.
•Help to create handcrafted, cultural and environmental projects around our lodges.


Creator of the travelor’s ethic chart in 1997, the Terra Incognita group gathered travel agencies for complementary travels.
They have been thinking a long time about the different meaning of what traveling means : Open minded, exchange, meeting and development.
For the understanding of those we meet, we can contribute personally on saving cultures and nature.Origins distribute this chart the more possible.


The stays that we offer have a particularity concerning the “Origin’s” engagement, with sometime a cost that can be higher because of our actions for a better world.
To chose to travel with us is to chose to respect, to be responsible and to develop the responsibilities of tourism.