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house of stars invites you into the heart of Aït Bougmez: take your time, live close to local population, discover other cultures and contribute to the development of the valley and the protection of High Atlas’s heritage.

This experience is more than a simple stay: you are actively involved in the well-being and the preservation of this region and its culture.

A Dar Itrane, Ayour Kasba et camps développe, en parallèle de son activité, des éco-projets au local:fabrication d'une lessive , d'un batiment pour les femmes


Machine to purify and filter water Since August 2010, we have provided our guests with the opportunity to drink the water of the village’s river. Thanks to a filtration and purification process, we and our partner Wintsi ensure full-time drinking water, without any danger for young children. This action has enabled us to reduce by 70% our plastic waste linked to the consumption of mineral water.


Reconstruction of the village’s « Marabout » In 2008, the reconstruction of the village’s Marabout. This place is very important for inhabitants, because it is the place for meeting and sharing. After 2 years of building, Origins’s team is very proud to have made this place accessible again.

Only a few hours far from Marrakesh, High Atlas is a magical place

The valley of Aït Bougmez is 250 kilometers east of Marakesh, at the heart of Central High Atlas, a famous Moroccan mountain chain. Located at the foot of M’Gun Summit, which is 4071 meters high, Dar Itran ecolodge is at the heart of a peaceful village called Imelghas and located at 1891 meters. The place may be accessed by a tourism vehicle, at around 4 hours from Marrakesh.


From Marrakech:Between 2 and 3 hours are needed to reach Azilal. Then between 2 and 2 hours and a half more are needed to reach Dar Itrane itself.

Follow Tamelelt direction, on the heading North West to Fes, Beni Mellal.
Once you reached Tamelelt, turn right on the heading to Attaouïa Ech Cheibiya, following Azilal direction.
Once you reached Attaouïa Ech Cheibiya, follow Azilal direction.
Once you get into Azilal, at the first cross road, turn right and 10 meters after turn left on the heading to Aït Mhammed/ Aït Bougmez.
At the round about, follow straight and turn right at the « Stop » sign on the heading to Aït Mhammed/ Aït Bougmez.
Follow this road for 18 km.
Before reaching the Aït Mhammed village, turn right on the heading to the Aït Bougmez valley. Follow the main road for 60km. You can follow the kilometric signs indicating « Tabant ».
50km later, you will reach the 1rst village of the valley: Agouti
Keep following the main road for 8 km. Once you arrive to the crossroad of Tabant, do not turn right into Tabant direction, but follow the unpaved road on the left hand side on the heading to Imelghas village. Follow for 400meters this unpaved road, you will see the Dar Itrane sign.
Turn left into the narrow unpaved road on the heading to the hill of Imelghas village.


Capital: Rabat
Government: Unitary parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
King: Mohammed VI
Area: 652 090 km².
Population: 2011 estimate: 32,2 millions
Immunizations:No vaccinations are required by law to enter Morocco but some are recommended: Typhoid and Hepatitis .

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"I had a great stay in Dar Itrane, thanks to the every day trek in amazing landscape and very welcoming encounter with the berbers…!"