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Responsable Origins au Maroc pour Dar itrane et le camp d'Atta, Céline, passionnée de voyages et de sport, se fera un plaisir de vous accueillir et de vous faire découvrir avec son équipe locale, les Aït Bougmez et le...



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The stay at Atta's camp : week of well being.

The stay at Atta's camp : week of well being.

After a couple-of-hour trip by SUV, the arrival in Atta camp is always a moment of pure happiness: the desert is around, huge and quiet…just for us.
Then, you will discover the tents nestled in a hollow amongst the dunes: the place is wonderful.
In the middle of this landscape, the silence is astonishing…and yet, one feels so comfortable in the immensity of the Sahara…
The place is fascinating, allowing your mind to escape from life’s daily issues and to wander…
After a few minutes in this little part of the Sahara, well-being is ensured and you are ready to enjoy time…

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Dar Itrane the greedy...

Dar Itrane the greedy...

The Ait Bougmez valley deserves its name: “the happy valley.” The lands are productive and fields are cared for. The valley is green and water is plentiful.

Crops are so diversified that the locals enjoy cooking and sharing recipes with each other: Within gardens, one discovers small fields where corn, potatoes, turnips, nuts and apples grow. These apples are famous for their wonderful taste throughout the kingdom.

Hadoudi, who spent 10 years cooking « tajines » is now our Chef. His meals are famous for their fabulous taste…he cooks tagines with locally sourced vegetables. And his apple and nut deserts are delicious.

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Famille Ferré - Dar Itrane en Octobre 2011

Famille Ferré - Dar Itrane en Octobre 2011

Notre séjour à Dar Itrane a été exceptionnel. Par le cadre tout d'abord mais aussi grâce à la gentillesse et la disponibilité de l'équipe pour nous comme pour nos enfants. Nous partions nous ballader à la journée accompagné d'une mûle. Les enfants ont tout simplement adoré! Chaque midi, nous pique-niquions à l'ombre d'un pommier ou d'un noyer. Au retour à Dar Itrane, les répas étaient excquis entre tajines et soupe de légumes... Même les enfants en ont mangés, surprenant!

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Each of our accommodations respects original architecture. All craftsmen and materials are locally sourced.


One of our main objectives is to provide activities that will allow you to discover local cultures, traditions and people.


We are committed to offering you accommodations located in wonderful, authentic and unique places as well as daily activities that are diverse, accessible to everyone and environmentally-friendly.


Thanks to our location, either within or close to villages, our team, which is exclusively made of locals, and to some of our activities, you will have the opportunity to meet the people who contributed to the history of the region you are visiting.


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